Bloodfur is a dark reddish orange tom with a white tail-tip, and bright scarlet colored eyes. He is currently a warrior in LightningClan, well known for being out-going, smart, and most of the time postive.



Dark reddish/orange from head to toe, Bloodfur is left with a small white tail-tip, his eyes being a round and narrow frame of scarlet. Bloodfur is a tall, skinny tom, who doesn't eat often but rather let's others eat before him. His fur is short and soft, being well-groomed often and kept clean most of the time. His tail is oddly shorter than most cat's, but is mostly normal in length, helping him with fighting and keeping balance. His scarlet red colored eyes bring out a dark look in him, and makes him look feirce, and most of course ready to fight at all times. 
Since his eyes are so dark, almost a shade of maroon, his pupils are almost not visible, making it harder for his enemies to attack him as sometimes they think he is blind. He is strong built with a powerful and rather large frame, and to most, notably handsome. His paws are small and round, with long, sharp claws often sheathed within them. His head has a triangular shape to it, and his muscles are strong and fit, not having a single broken bone in his body so far.


Bloodfur is a very quiet and gentle tom, and doesn't care much for conflict, and when avoidable, he will certianly do so. In the past, he hasn't done so well in his past with avoiding such, but was more of a tom to cause trouble and get in the way of others. He enjoys the company of others, and it's notable that he enjoys hunting more than anything else as a skill. Over time, Bloodfur's personality has devoloped and changed into something much different, making him a more confident and likeable.


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