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Gatherings are a place where all Clans meet to talk about their Clan news. Gatherings happen every moon in the books. But on this wiki, we can plan gatherings every time. If your a Clan leader of any of the Clans (FlameClan, LightningClan, WebClan, TunnelClan, and AquaClan), you can set up a gathering. Then you can plan by telling some cats to go. The Gathering can be on the chat. If you a tribe cat, you can't go to a gathering.

NOTE: If you role play any StarClan cats and still active in StarClan can go to the gathering to watch but don't talk. If any Clans get into a fight, you can say this: *Dark clouds cover moon*... and the gathering will be over.

Gathering Planner

Here, on the gathering planner, if your a Clan leader of any Clan, then you can write down this:

Username: (Write down your wiki's username)
Cats name: (Whats your cats name)
Clan: (Which Clan are you from)
Starting Time: (What time the gatherings going to start)

Say under this line: