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LightningClan is a very powerful Clan. They are cruel. They are enemies to FlameClan, AquaClan, and WebClan. They have a large territory.


Status: active

Hunting Place: Redwood trail.

Territory Info: they have a large territory. It is the biggest camp between FlameClan and WebClan. They have very tall trees that can be struck by lightning. Their hunting place used to be a very old forest trail.

Prey: baby skunks, moles, baby foxes, small birds, rabbits, mice, rats, and squirrels.

Predators: adult skunks, wolves, adult foxes, eagles, and badgers.


(Tell to join on the bottom of the page)

Leader: Bloodfur - Dark reddish ginger tom with blazing amber eyes and a soft white tail-tip. RP'D by: Flame

Deputy: Unknown

Warriors: Nightfang - Black she cat with ice blue eyes with fluffy fur.




Medicine Cat:


If you want to join this Clan, make something like this to write into:

Cats Name: Nightfang
Rank: Warrior
Info: Black cat with ice blue eyes
Gender: She-cat

Go under this line to say:

--------------------------I dont now if im meant to be doing this.--------------

Username: Flamestar22

Cats name: Dawnkit

Rank: Kit

Info: Cream colored she-cat with light, pale green eyes.

Gender: She-cat.


Message to Flame:

Thanks for joining this Clan! I have seen you have joined WebClan, to. We only allow one user to be on one Clan. Which one? WebClan or LightningClan??



Username: Cat5

Cats name: Skunkpelt

Rank: Deputy

Info: Black pelt with a small white stripe going from head to tail. Has blue eyes.

Gender: Tom


Message to Cat:

You have joined!


Username: Flamestar22

Cat's Name: Bloodfur

Rank: Warrior 

Gender: Tom

Appearance: Dark reddish ginger tom with blazing amber eyes and a soft white tail-tip.


Message to Flame

You have joined.