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Here are our rules to the wiki:


No vandaliling. If you do, you'll either get a warning or a 1 day block. If you keep doing, it will be an infinite block.

No spamming. You will be blocked 1 day. Keep doing it will make it a year block.


No curse words. You will get an infinite block.

We only allow crap, and hell.


No sockpuppet accounts, you do, you'll have a year block on both accounts, or maybe an infinite

No admin roleplaying, if you do, you'll get a week or month block

No personal info, if you do so, you will get a year block.


Follow your leader

If your a leader, be smart and clever

You can join any Clan but has to stick to the limit which is only 2 Clans to join


No gross or bad content, we only allow blood (usually for attacks). If you do, you'll be an infinite block

No copying, if you do, will be a 3 day block or 2

No begging, you'll get a day block

No bullying, if you do will be a year of infinite block

No lying, you'll get a month or week block

Make sure to follow our rules!