• Kasara


    October 2, 2015 by Kasara

    Alright, so a few people have been mentioning to me that they want this Wikia more active, and I'm here to do my best to make that possible. First of all, I will give you all a few hints. 

    1. You need major and fun plots in any of the Clans (I've already set one up in AquaClan, and I'll explain about that in a bit)
    2. You need more users, and you need to make the wikia seem like a fun place.
    3. Add chararts, spoof clans, games, etc.
    4. Code the wikia a bit, make it a little fancier. That's what most people do to get attractions to their wikia. 
    5. Get VERY active users who are on most of the time, and can multitask easily. 

    Not saying any of you admins or the founder has to do this, but it's just a few ideas to get you started with making the wikia a better p…

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